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Posted by vwvSTATICvwv - June 17th, 2012


^^Follow the link to eargasm^^

Posted by vwvSTATICvwv - April 9th, 2012

Russ and I have been on a very long music writing un-spree. You see, we tend to motivate each other, so if one writes, the other does too. I've been writing a little more recently, and I convinced Russ to lay down some vocals. Check out our new stuff if you haven't already :D
Also, pay a visit to Russell's YouTube!

Posted by vwvSTATICvwv - February 26th, 2011

by: DaarthPingas Score:2
date: February 24, 2011

I'm going to be dead damn honest, I though this was extremely boring. It's just another generic sounding song that thinks its edgy by talking about sluts. Songs should be fun, interesting, or hopefully both. This song is just missing a really good hook.
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by: devilfreak Score:1
date: February 24, 2011

Talentless music. Auto tune is a nightmare.
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Really? This is why we aren't posting anymore. Peace out newgrounds.

Posted by vwvSTATICvwv - October 12th, 2010

Audible Static will be releasing his EP November 21!

<a>http://www.reverbnation.com/audible static#/artist/artist_songs/952929<a />

1. Melancholy Heart
2. Hot Girls
3. Wisen Up
4. Breathe
5. Any Blacker
6. Goodbye to Yesterday
7. Vashti
8. Fallen Angel

The songs on newgrounds are rough drafts. All songs have been completely remastered for the EP!

Posted by vwvSTATICvwv - July 31st, 2010

We finally got a club to play some of our songs! The problem? They will only play 3. The club is more of a hiphop club vs. a techno club, so they want stuff with lyrics. We want to know which songs we should play. Since popular vote from the general public will give us a good idea of what the club-goers will like, that's exactly what we're doing! Please drop us a note or comment on which song(s) you think should be played! Thanks :)

Team Static

Posted by vwvSTATICvwv - July 13th, 2010

Seth here. Russ has agreed to sing another song, which is currently in progress. This song is by no means serious. In fact, it's completely random and has no point to it lol. He might even throw some really ghetto rapping in there, like he did with "Wisen Up." It should be ready by the 20th or so (maybe sooner but just to be safe, in case Russ gets lazy :P)

I can't promise anything on a more serious note as of yet, but I'm hoping to get one up next month. Russ has been really busy with his lady friends, and I've been taking some courses to get a CNA license. (Wahoo... :/)

Hang in there! Thanks for your support!


Posted by vwvSTATICvwv - June 30th, 2010

If you haven't heard Mario Kart Love Song, which is my personal favorite of all of Russell's work with me, you are missing out. It is the first submission of this year on our page, and up until Vashti [EPIC] Remix was the most downloaded song. It is now overlooked, since most visitors tend to only look at the year's "Most Popular". Be sure to check it out ;)


Posted by vwvSTATICvwv - June 5th, 2010

He seems to be over it a little. But I'm not letting him on here til I know he won't delete everything!!

Ok, truth be told, he can get on now but he doesn't. I guess he's too cool for my mediochre programming :(


Posted by vwvSTATICvwv - June 4th, 2010

Ok here's the story. Russ is going through some serious depression. All he did was listen to his old band's new rocordings with their new singer and decided to fuck up EVERYTHING. He destroyed his entire hard drive and erased every single song he's ever recorded. I had to change the password on here to keep him from erasing all of the songs on here tooo! Fuck! I feel so bad for him... The only thing I can think of to do is dog on the new singer! Guys please help me out. This won't be eay either, since their new singer is pretty good. But serisouly Russ is way better and he thinks he shouldn't even make music anymore. Please anyone that reads this email him. Send him LOVE emails! He won't get on here anymore. He refuses to have anything to do with music. Just please email him and tell him how awesome he is!!! Otherwise you guys won't be seeing any more of his sick ass vocals. Thanks guys :(



P.S. If you wanna here his old band, which was formerly called Emissarie, and is now called Harbor Royale, visit them on myspace and drop them a message saying they suck without Russ (even if it's not true)


Posted by vwvSTATICvwv - June 3rd, 2010

Wow thanks for weekly top 5 guys! :) I realize there are some frequency and bpm problems with the remix, but I'm leaving it how it is. I did upload a fixed version WITHOUT vocals though :P Cuz something happened to Russell's Pro Tools file and it's corrupt, so we can't access the vocals. And he's too lazy to resing it >:\