Yay :D

2010-06-05 16:42:09 by vwvSTATICvwv

He seems to be over it a little. But I'm not letting him on here til I know he won't delete everything!!

Ok, truth be told, he can get on now but he doesn't. I guess he's too cool for my mediochre programming :(



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2010-06-05 17:00:17

nice! he needs a friend right now :)


2010-06-07 21:12:21

Well if its any constellation Russ your song vashti epic remix helped me get the love of my life =) 6 years of friendship towards her and your song helped me finally express my feelings towards her and now everything is great. just remember you and your voice helped do that. Dont give up and dont give in YOUR better then that. Keep it up man.


2010-06-09 01:39:35

just a random passer-byer that happened to catch your song on the front page of the audio portal. I must say, that song is really good, and getting it too the front page is an achievement in its self. your friend needs to know one important thing, that there are different ways to sing, and there are different singers good for certain types of music.
sounding better than another is a fallacy in the music industry. I'm saddened your friend had this issue, but glade he is getting over it.


2010-06-09 02:43:34

Wow. Ever since I had clicked the Vashti EPIC remix, I have been hearing epicness. I love so many of all your songs. So far, you two have made the best songs that I know on NG. I can understand why Russ is upset, and I would be pissed too, but I hope he sees that he REALLY has a great talent, and that I hope to hear him sing again. It seems to me that you two were born only to join up and make music.

vwvSTATICvwv responds:

We for sure were! :D