Amazing vocal talent!

2010-06-30 00:58:30 by vwvSTATICvwv

If you haven't heard Mario Kart Love Song, which is my personal favorite of all of Russell's work with me, you are missing out. It is the first submission of this year on our page, and up until Vashti [EPIC] Remix was the most downloaded song. It is now overlooked, since most visitors tend to only look at the year's "Most Popular". Be sure to check it out ;)



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2010-06-30 16:34:14

Lovely song~


2010-07-02 22:36:14

All your songs are epic! :D

Can't wait for more songs! :D


2010-07-07 23:08:14

So what's the deal? Are you and Russ done working together on awesome songs? Please let me know!