New song announced!! :D

2010-07-13 17:20:10 by vwvSTATICvwv

Seth here. Russ has agreed to sing another song, which is currently in progress. This song is by no means serious. In fact, it's completely random and has no point to it lol. He might even throw some really ghetto rapping in there, like he did with "Wisen Up." It should be ready by the 20th or so (maybe sooner but just to be safe, in case Russ gets lazy :P)

I can't promise anything on a more serious note as of yet, but I'm hoping to get one up next month. Russ has been really busy with his lady friends, and I've been taking some courses to get a CNA license. (Wahoo... :/)

Hang in there! Thanks for your support!



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