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2010-05-29 11:23:51 by vwvSTATICvwv

If this is how Newgrounds welcomes Russell's lyrics, we just won't upload his stuff anymore.

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /332106

"really" Rating: 1
by: Jacara
date: 6 hours ago
any girl you pickup with lyrics about shrek is probably illegal

Happy voting


If you can't get enough of the beast known as Russ, which I can't! :P, he has songs with a local band up on myspace, though in my opinion, his voice fits much better within the electronica genre. And no I'm not just saying that to promote my own tracks lol

Lucky for me, I work with him more than his band Emissarie does, which seems to be in the past, since they recently broke up. But if you are into hardcore give em a visit anywho


Not all of the songs are up, but you can email him or myself about the others if you are interested

Russ: lives.russell@gmail.com
Seth: fat_punk_ng@hotmail.com



Seth is :)

2010-03-14 19:50:50 by vwvSTATICvwv

Hey Newgrounds!!